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Cloud Developer (Santiago, Lima, Bogotá, Buenos Aires)

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Whitestack is looking for the most Talented, Motivated and Obsessive Cloud Developers, in order to join our Development team.

For this position, we are looking for semi-senior and senior developers, with the following requirements:

  • Experience with Linux OS (basic system administration).
  • Experience with Shell scripting (Bash).
  • Deep grasp of Python (at least 2-3 years of proven professional or personal experience), or fluent in another similar programming language and willing to "relocate" to Python
  • Being able to integrate (adapt/improve/connect) existing open-source code.
  • Experience with the following software engineering methodologies: Version Control (git), Continuous Delivery / Integration (desirable).
  • Notions of Networking (TCP/IP).
  • Good grasp of English (our definition: you google in English).
  • Autonomy: Can work on its own without constant micro-management.
  • Discipline: Can be trusted to work in a serious and consistent matter (especially considering the possibility of remote work).

What we offer

  • Immerse yourself in Cloud Technologies (computing, storage, networking).
  • Work with exciting open-source frameworks (Openstack, Kubernetes, etc.).
  • Competitive salary.
  • Possibility to work eventually remotely up top 40% of the time.
  • Take advantage of our offices located in shared workspaces (Wework Tobalaba@Santiago, Comunal Miraflores@Lima).
  • Company laptop.
  • Satisfying work-life balance.
  • Flexible and objective-oriented environment.
  • We are currently exploring the company insurance option.
  • The technical leaders are technology-minded and hands-on people, not just pushy slave drivers.

This position is available in Santiago, Lima, Bogotá or Buenos Aires.

About Whitestack

Whitestack is an ambitious telecom infrastructure provider that builds production-grade solutions, based on commodity hardware, open source software, professional services and carrier-class support, to exceed industry standards.

Resultado de imagen para datacenter Resultado de imagen para code Resultado de imagen para datacenter switches

We develop solutions in three major areas:

  • Cloud Computing: Helping datacenters and large companies to deploy hyper-scalable (private or public) clouds, in order to provide their own IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform. To achieve this, we have developed our own, proprietary products based on Openstack and Kubernetes.
    • Whitecloud is our own Openstack distribution, with performance optimizacion in the hypervisor and the data planes, allowing us to implement Telco-grade solutions on top of commoditized x86 servers.
    • Whitemist is our own Kubernetes distribution, with deployment simplicity, which leverages all the benefits of container-based computing, on top of bare metal or OpenStack.
    • Servers & Networking, we follow the principles of Facebook's Open Compute Project, to implement large scale data centers, through the use of commoditized hardware.

  • Open & Software Defined Networking: We are a member of Facebook's Telecom Infra Project, where we have the chance to test and implement cutting-edge networking solutions.
    We provide Telcos and large organizations with a very clear path to SDN, which considers three steps:
    • Network Automation, by promoting the use of Network DevOps (using open source technologies, like Python, Ansible, Jenkins, etc) in very large multi-vendor production networks.
    • Network Disaggregation, by implementing networking solutions that use the best NOS (Network Operating Systems) on top of high performance Whitebox switching hardware (based on Broadcom chipsets).
    • Software Defined Networking, by adopting a programmatic approach, where the network is not configured but programmed, in order to achieve the real-time behaviour required by the cloud.

  • Network Function Virtualization: We support the Telecom Industry in its path to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing, by virtualizing the necessary real-time functions on top of x86 hardware, orchestrated by an end-to-end service orchestrator.
    • Whitestack’s NFVI (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) consists of WhiteServers (a family of high density servers optimized for the Cloud, powered by the latest Intel® Scalable Processors and NFV hardware acceleration) as the compute nodes, and WhiteSwitches (high capacity whitebox switches, powered by the Broadcom StrataXGS® chipsets) for the switching matrix.
    • Whitestack’s VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Manager) is implemented through WhiteCloud, our OpenStack distribution, with simplified deployment and upgrade features, focused on the Telecom market. Whitecloud has been extensively tested at the ETSI NFV PlugTests, with VNFs from different vendors.
    • Whitestack’s MANO (Management and Orchestration) stack is implemented through WhiteNFV (distribution of the prominent ETSI OSM project), which performs the VNF Management, NFV Orchestration, Performance Monitoring and Policy Management, adhering to the ETSI standards for multi-vendor interoperation.

Whitestack is the most prominent, fast-growing startup, in this niche market, with several awards from global entities. Our executives come from companies like Google and Cisco Systems, Datacom) and currently hold relevant positions in the global industry.  We have technical offices en Lima and Santiago, and engineers working from Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

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